Behind the Seams:Enyo Pole Bikinis

Behind the Seams:Enyo Pole Bikinis

Between The Seams Blog Episodes will tell you the ins and outs of specific pieces from our Collections!

This instalment highlights our Enyo pieces from the Goddess Collection.

Goddess;  a female deity, a woman who is greatly admired.

Our brand is for the divine women, the empowered and brave. 

The Inspiration Understated Sexy

Have you ever just wanted to ooze grace and romance whilst you're just doing your thing? Then this enyo set is for you. The luxurious velvet makes you feel like an absolute high class queen, no matter what your style. This set is lined, so even though the exterior is soft velvet, the lining is silky smooth.

Our Enyo sets are name after the Greek Goddess of war, because we wanted this to be your everyday armour for your workout. It's functional, comfortable and offers a cheeky coverage on the bottoms, with a subtle cleavage on the top with no chance of popping out! 

enyo dusty pink bikini bottoms and top

As for support, I wouldn't take this set to the gym with me for a heavy cardio session, but on the pole, it's more than comfortable. Tricks can be done with ease and also the knowledge that not only will there be no nip (or other) slips but everyone will be awed by your grace and prowess.

With the price point at £34 for the top and £34 for the bottoms, you'd be hard pushed to find something similar for cheaper. In any case, can you really put a price on feeling like a bad-ass boujee princess dripping in diamonds? No? I didn’t think so. And this is exactly how you will feel.

Available in Dusty pink (above), Black, Olive and Ice Blue!

enyo bikini



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