BTS: Adam Lin and Creatures of XIX Collaboration

BTS: Adam Lin and Creatures of XIX Collaboration

For over a year Creatures of XIX have been secretly working with ADAML. to design a range that celebrates the fearless spirit and powerful energy embodied by the Modern Pole Dancer.

In this blog we look at the inspiration behind the collection, how the creative process works and get to know Adam Lin more!

ADAML. Background

We A.D.O.R.E Adam, both his style and his Pole career for which we've followed for many years. His Mr Pole Dance routines are some of the funnest, sassiest and fiercest we have witnessed - You can check out our two favourite ADAML. routines here and here.

ADAML. is hugely accomplished in the pole world, with titles as follows *deep breath*:

  • 2018 Mr Pole Dance - 1st runner up (International)
  • 2016 Alex Shchukin Pole Dance Championship - Winner
  • 2016 Queensland best performer 
  • 2016 Mr Pole Dance -1st Place Winner (International) 
  • 2015 International Pole Championships (IPC) Men top 18 Finalist 
  • 2015 Mr Pole Dance – 1st Place Winner (International) 
  • 2015 Australian Pole Championships- Battle 2nd runner- up (Only male winner) 
  • 2015 Australian Pole Fitness Championships + Arnold Classic – 3rd Place (International) 
  • 2015 Pole Theatre Sydney – Drama finalist (National) 
  • 2014 International Pole Stars Championships – Finalist (International) 
  • 2014 Mr Pole Dance – X Factor Award (International)

And… Adam was seen on Ninja Warrior Australian 2017!

At only 23 years old, Adams' accomplishments and talents do not stop in the dance world, Adam has studied fashion and launched his own polewear line for men, followed by a line for women and a growing accessories product portfolio. ADAML. gets inspiration by his surroundings and loves to create different combinations of styles originating from what he sees everyday. His multicultural background gives him a broad perspective and represents one of his biggest strengths in the fashion industry. 

So enough of how fabulous ADAML. is, on to our interview!

Creatures of XIX Black Pole Dance Top 

How did you decided on the bandana prints and where the idea came from?

After about a month researching of both our brands, looking at previous collections, getting an idea of the vibe of both and what we wanted to jointly say I started working on the concept. I decided I wanted a fearless powerful range that really stood out with bold femininity. Therefore I chose streetwear as my starting point - what can be more classic than Bandana to represent ’Streetwear’!?

The process of creating the original drawings through to sampling and adjusting the clothing was pretty hard, I’m not gonna lie! I love fashion, but am still working on my drawing skills - I drew my whole childhood then realised my drawing is pretty bad :P 

It took a bit of time, but with more research and days of adjusting, I came up with something I was happy with. The print is hand drawn by myself, so when converting to digital print it became a challenge, after a few tests of print on fabric we finally delivered a truly badass print. 

How did you decided on the shoot location? What did you want to 'say' through the imagery?

When I was thinking of the shoot, I wanted the images to stand out and to be in a place not everybody would shoot at. The collection is so bold I wanted the shoot to be too.

Chinatown in Sydney came to mind, I thought it’s would be very different to just an alley or street with graffiti on the walls, and loved the image in my head of models standing on the streets of Chinatown. When we went to shoot with our new collection, the whole concept came together. The contrast of the colours and the Chinese characters on the neon signs made the collection pop even more! 

Note: ADAML. styled the models, created the jewellery they wore, shot and edited the pictures too #OverAchiever.

What has your fave part of the process has been?

The favourite part of this collaboration was definitely meeting the women behind Creatures of XIX, it was so much fun and such a challenging process - I loved every single moments of it. Now join the gang and let’s take the world!  


Want to see more? Watch our BTS video!


You can now shop this collection, all the pieces are limited so get it while you can!

Red Swimsuit Creatures of XIX clothing



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