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17 Funniest Memes all Pole Dancers Relate to

Posted on May 18 2017

These had us in stiches!!! Comment your favourite in the comments section at the end.

1) You Bitch. 

I still love you tho.

Creatures of XIX

2) Whole squad probs bendier than me now.



3) The storage struggle is real.


pole dancer meme

4) What do you mean 'other side'?!


pole meme

5) Creatures of XIX had a sale...


pole dance meme

6) PIVOT. Easy to say, hard to do.


pole dancer meme

7) Squad pics like...


pole meme pole squad

8) Why lord? WHY!


pole dance meme kim k

9) True Story.


pole meme

10) Don't question the Ho life.


pole dance meme kermit

11) Thou' shall go to pole class!


pole dance meme

12) I'm a boss ass bitch...


pole meme

13) Close enough? Better.

pole meme

14) I am not a dancer, I am a Pole Dancer. 


pole dance meme

15) There's always that one girl in class...


pole meme

16) Must. Spilt. At. Every. Opportunity.


pole dance meme

17) Crash mats save lives.


pole dance meme


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creatures of xix



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