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5 Badass Pole Moves that Never Get Old

Posted on April 26 2017

You love them, you hate them, or you love to hate them! We've listed 5 Badass Pole Moves that Never Get Old...


1) A basic invert / chopper.

Normally the first invert you will learn, most hold the Chopper dear and can remember learning it. Beginner or advanced, aerial or on the floor, if it's executed beautifully it won't fail to impress. It is also impressive on what ever street equipment you can find, do it in public and shock the muggles!

Lauren Elise Creatures of XIX@laurenelisepole

2) Iron X.

A goal strength move for every pole dancer. Once achieved for the first time the 'happy dance' ensues! 

Melissa Leo Creatures of XIX


 3) Jade Split.

Ahhh the jade split, has anyone ever achieved a perfect 180 split on first attempt? A normal first attempt is more like a 90 degree split... whilst sliding down the pole severely confused.

coco b ware Creatures of XIX

@Coco & @chilli

jade split Creatures of XIX

4) Gemini / Outside Leg hang.

Usually the first thing you learn after getting your basic chopper invert. It's KEY for getting in and out of other tricks and so this will always be a fundamental move that we will use time and time again.

Miss Filly Creatures of XIX


5) Shouldermount.

Who remembers the pain of learning a shouldermount? Can't remember... try shoulder mounting on your opposite side... (for those who can shoulder mount both sides we salute you!).

Harriet Wolf


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