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11 Funny Cat Memes That Are You When Pole Dancing!

Posted on June 22 2017

We collated 7 cat memes that are you when Pole Dancing! Enjoy...

1. Attempting to look natural in choreo class.

Pole dancing cat creatures of xix


2. When you slippery AF.

Pole dancing cat creatures of xix


3. When you climb the pole but forget how to do the new trick... back to re-watch the video!

pole dancing cat creatures of xix


4. Trying that crazy new pole flip...

pole dancing cat creatures of xix


5. Cleaning the pole in a completely non-sexual way

pole dancing cat creatures of xix


6. Too tired for Pole? Leggy Floorwork it is!

pole dancing cat creatures of xix


7. The last second of everyones video, ever.

pole dancing cat creatures of xix


8. When you've had one too many drinks and you can't hold it back any longer!

Cat pole dancing

9. When it's Sunday Bumday

cat doing yoga

10. In tricks class: then the leg does a what?

cat doing yoga


11. Online Tutorials in the lounge be like...

cats pole dancing


We hope you enjoyed this blog post, COMMENT below with the ones you related to most!

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creatures of xix

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  • Holly: June 22, 2017

    hahahha love this! great blog

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