3 Things to Improve Pole on the go!

3 Things to Improve Pole on the go!

Let’s face it - we are always thinking about Pole.

In a meeting, watching a film, or in the car; you see something that takes your mind on a dazed and dazzling daydream about Pole. Then, you come falling back into the meeting room, the cinema or the car and find yourself smiling and nodding like you’ve been listening to the person opposite you for the last five minutes,or you have no idea what’s happened in the film, or you’ve missed your turning and are sitting at a green light with cars behind beeping.

So… things you can do while in the car (not driving!), at the office or cleaning your teeth - basically any time you aren't Poleing.

1. Wrist strengthens on the go 

    We know the feeling of achy forearms - the struggle of those one handed aerial spins and hangs is real. Carrying a stress ball and using it when you’re on public transport is a great wrist strengthener! You can also buy wrist strengtheners from Amazon which are essentially the same contraption that you lock weights onto the bar at the gym. Some look like boobs, extra points if you use these on public transport and further the #freethenipple narrative.

      Michelle Shimmy

    2. Foot stretches at the office desk 

    There is never enough foot arch! Whether you’re like me, and people tell you to point your toes more, but you’re already cramping up pointing like hell, or whether you’re Pixi Lou, Suki Sunflower or Sarah Blackmilk, with arches to die for, you can always work on those delicious arches often neglected in flexibility training. Warm up your feet with ankle rotation, and flex and point your toes repeatedly, arching through your ankles, then your toes. You can then fold your toes under onto the ground and put a small amount of pressure on the folded over toes, toward or onto the knuckle of the foot. Go one foot at a time, then both together. Do not push yourself to pain! This should be a nice(ish) feeling. If you’re feeling like the office exhibitionist you can then mount your desk, assume the downward dog position and again fold your toes under, balancing on the knuckles of the toes and do this until your colleagues inevitably stand up in a round of applause.

    3. Squats while cleaning your teeth

    As it comes with pole dance, most of us have a buff upper body, but have seen better legs hanging out of a bird's’ nest! Every morning and night when you clean your teeth (and floss - don’t forget to floss), do some squats and clench those butt muscles. When down in a squat, go on your toes for that extra foot and calf workout. For twerking ability points, clench individual butt cheeks one at a time. It’s easy, doesn't take any extra time from your day and will bring you buns of steel and extra pearly whites in no time.

    Kelechi obviously cleans her teeth super well.

    Kelechi obviously cleans her teeth very thoroughly.

    And that’s three things you can do while on the go or at work to progress your bodies abilities, YAY!

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