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11 Floorwork Moves that Kill Your Knees

Posted on March 13 2017

We've just launched our new range of knee pads, and to celebrate we have listed the Top 11 Floorwork Moves that make your knees go OUCH FUCK PUT SOME PROTECTION ON ME.
split dropUnless you're the 1% of the population where your legs are in a flat split air borne... although even then that back knee will appreciate some back up. 
felix cane pole dance
kips pole dance
The more air-time, the more pain...
harriet wolf  
pole dance
For added youch, bend your back leg and bring your foot to your head. When stretching this move kneepads can help you focus on the stretch rather than knee-cap pain, cause that 1mm yoga mat just ain't enough for this shit. 
sarah blackmilk pole dance 
twerk pole dance
A little cushion for the pushin'
kitty velour pole dance 
pole dance move
Dynamic drops onto our knees is a favourite for instagram but that slam, when done 4 times in a routine, starts to hurt!
coco pole dancer 
pole dance
Keep it sexy, not sore. 
redrhi pole dancer @redrhi
pole dancePow Pow Pow! 
peach lee ray@peachleeray
Russian slam pole danceAKA. Exotic leg up reversed-video style scorpion thingy. 
fontaine pole dance @the_red_crowned_crow
pole dance move
Turning on your kneecaps, grab yo' kneepads. Also, If you know the official name for this please comment at the end of this blog, we'd love to know!
 maddie sparkle pole dance
olga koda pole dance
Anything Koda? Yep, apologise to yo' knees in advance.  olga koda pole dance@olgakoda
fish flop pole dance
Woohoo I'm over aaaaand splat.
harriet wold, melissa leo@melissapolexix @harrietwolfxix
Splits, Kips and Floor Flips... your movements can be seriously hard on your knees leaving them sore and bruised. Our Kneepads protect your precious knees so you can dance, crawl and slink like the feline creature you are. 
If you enjoyed this article please share, and make sure to comment the moves that are hardest on your knees below!
On a final note, we'll just leave this here...
 pole dance meme

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  • accro brandon: March 14, 2017
    knee spin is the main part… then drop back and make it look hawt ;)

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