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Announcing Brand Ambassador - MISS FILLY IS THE CHEETAH!

Posted on March 29 2017

The newest addition to our Creatures family is the one and only...
Miss Filly!

Our first ever Pussy Power Hour interview was with Miss Filly, and so it felt so perfect that she be our feline creature, our Cheetah. Cheetahs are fierce, fit and fast! Although they like the hunt, you'll never hear them roar. Playful purrs only from this kitty!

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Miss Filly is passionate about the pole industry, the quality of instructors and the health and fitness benefits for the minds and bodies of the men and women she teaches. This passion has led her to take on the Training Director role at Pole Divas looking to ensure the safest and most skilled instructors are available to the students.

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    Check out our first EVER Pussy Power Hour episode, 11 questions with newly crowned Miss Pole Dance Australia: 

    Pussy Power Hour is our weekly blog where we get to speak to inspiring women. Our first instalment we were lucky enough to interview writer, motorbike rider and as of Saturday the reigning Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016 - the one and only Miss Filly!

    We have asked her 11 questions to get to know her a little, and the some questions about her book! Warning: You're going to fall in love with this intelligent and inspiring badass of a woman. 

    Q: Who inspires you in the pole world who is not pole-famous?
    My student Elyshia. She has grown so much over the last few years and is always so humble. She is just unapologetically herself with out even knowing it; I think it’s a great thing to aspire to. It reminds me to pull my head in at times! 

    Q: What is the most embarrassing / humorous thing you've done whilst training/pole dancing?
    I was teaching my high level class a flip and demonstrated as I talked them through it. All very seriously at the end, I ask ‘does that all make sense?’ and they’re all just staring at me. I look down and a whole boob was out. I thought it added dramatic effect so I continued to lecture them about safety anyway. ;)

    Q: If you could marry one pole celebrity who would it be? And who would be the maid of honour? 
    I would marry Adam Lin to keep him in the country!! And he makes me laugh. Chilli Rox as maid of honour because I’m sure she knows how to throw a killer Bachelorette party. 

    Q: If you could have sex with any celeb, who would it be?
    Right now, the Rock. I’m just so curious; it’d be either insanely good or a massive fail. 

    Q: You can make one law that everyone in the world must abide by… what is it?
    All day breakfast mandatory at all cafes and restaurants. 

    Q: Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?
    My ex’s sister. I’ve watched her make her career happen, take chances and work hard - with a good sense of humour about it all too. I have a bit of a crush really, she’s so talented. 

    Q: Which is your fave tee from the Creatures Of XIX Teevocative range? 
    Crop Top PU$$Y POWER - very cool!


    Q: If you could be highly skilled in any art, what would it be (not including dance!)?
    I’d love to be able to sing. I’ve always done things that require massive or cumbersome equipment to lug around (drums, poles) and I’d really like to carry nothing with me to show off. 

    Q: Outside from Pole, what are you happy to have achieved?
    It might sound a little trivial but buying myself a Harley Davidson was a great achievement to me. I didn’t grow up with lots of money and I was taught to work hard to earn what I had. Being able to buy a Harley was a massive milestone and a reminder of the equal parts luck and hard work that go into making your passion a full time job.

    miss pole dance motorcycle 

    Q: The internet can be a black hole of misogynistic comments, however also opens us to some incredible feminist communities with great  speakers/thinkers and engaged in-depth discussions. What is your experience of this, have you been the target of misogynistic comments or know someone who has?
    I was surprised the first time I read through comments on my 2014 winning MPDA show on YouTube. My favourite comment was “she shouldn’t have won because she’s ugly and a little bit fat”. I have never laughed so hard. I thought I would be really affected by what these anonymous trolls would have to say but I really wasn’t. It makes me sad that people waste their time with such comments in the first place. Women should be building each other up not tearing each other down. It made me realise that I wanted to fight that attitude not by publicly shaming them or starting online arguments but rather by leading by example. Indulging the haters only breeds more hate. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I like to retort with my two cents but I try harder to praise and encourage the supportive feedback, good vibes and positive reinforcement of each other in the community.

    Q: The attitude that ‘sex is fabulous’  is apparent in the Pole Dance community. Do you feel this ‘sex-positivity’ provides others in the pole community confidence to reclaim words such as ‘slut’, and reject the prude or whore categorisation?
    I like to think I am sexually liberated in the sense that I know what I like, I am confident in my sexual prowess and I don’t feel oppressed by my environment. I see a lot of students that start off quite insecure or feel the need to self censor their sexuality and in that case, pole tends to liberate many men and women and build confidence in themselves as an individual. As far as reclaiming words go, we need to actually understand the meaning of the words in the first place. ‘Slut’ has had derogatory connotations for so long it’s synonymous with low self esteem and a careless selection process. But if we understand ‘slut’ to mean a woman that loves sex, that is in control of her choices and hasn’t chosen monogamy then yes, sluts are fabulous. I’ll take 10.

    We can finger wiggle and be sassy, but we also need to be smart. 


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