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Posted on May 29 2017

1) WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR! If you're not comfy you won't fully let loose, so if you feel more natural without heels and in a slouch jumper, that's what you should wear.

2) DO IT A LOT! You have to practice routines, tricks, flexibility a lot to improve, right? Same goes for freestyling. 

pole dance gif

 3) CLOSE YOUR EYES! Even if just for moments.

closed eyes pole dance meme gif

4) SET THE SCENE... make sure your environment is not distracting. Hell, why not light some candles and turn down the lights!

5) LISTEN TO THE RADIO, who knows what songs you'll find!

6) FILM YOURSELF - it's good (and fun) to watch yourself back, and capture yourself dancing away!


7) DON'T FILM YOURSELF - Though we just recommended you film, it's nice to put the camera away at times. You may find you really let go when the camera is off. 

8) DON'T OVERTHINK THINGS -  just do it...

thinking pole dance routine gifs

9) DON'T FORCE IT. If you are overthinking or not in the mood, postpone for a day. 

im done pole dance gif

10) REPETITION IS OK. You may find yourself doing the same movements, that's ok! Your body naturally likes these movements, and over time new iterations, additions, extensions will come. To challenge yourself into new movements, dance to music you wouldn't usually, tie your feet together or, for just ten minutes, ban yourself from your go-to's. 

over and over pole dance gif

11) SHUFFLE AWAY! Pop the songs on shuffle and mix up genres, challenge yourself, if you like dancing to hard rock maybe whack a few emosh ballads in your normal playlist. 

pole dance gif shuffle

12) STOP SAYING YOU CAN'T. If you say you can't, then of course you can't. Pull on those big girl pants and think positive :)

13) ENJOY IT!  

fun pole dance gif


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