Guide to Black Friday

Guide to Black Friday

Hey Creatures!

Now we don't mean to panic you, but it’s Black Friday and we have more in our sale than ever before, it's storewide across all of our Collections and it's GENEROUS! 

Use this Blog as your Black Friday guide;


Discounted at 20% will be;
✖️ Baddies Collection (except the Stay Fire Bodysuit)
✖️ Safari Collection
✖️ All accessories (not including gift cards)
✖️ Digital Den: Jordan Kensley, Kitty Velour, Lauren Elise, London James, Lea Roth, Simona Royal and Nevi
Discounted at 30% will be;
✖️ Gecko Collection
✖️ Stay Fire aerial jumpsuits
✖️ Psalm19
✖️ Majority of the Goddess collection (Including Isis, Aphrodite and Medusa)
✖️ Majority of the 101 collection are 40% Off (not including sets in slime, white, sand, light grey, ruby red, azure and orange)
✖️ All Loose Shorts and Leggings are 50% Off
Discounted at 70% will be;
✖️ She Who Dares Collection
✖️ Eco-Classix Collection
✖️ 101 sets in slime, white, sand, light grey, ruby red, azure and orange
And finally, discounted at 75% will be;
✖️ Spirit Collection
✖️ Exotique Collection
✖️ Enyo sets, Selene top and High rise bottoms, and the Cobalt cheeky bottoms from the Goddess Collection
Happy Shopping, Creatures, make sure to grab yourself some bargains!


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