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Keeping Up With The Pole Dancers

Posted on August 10 2017

The day in the life of a pole dancer as told by Kim Kardashian...


Pole Friend: Are these shorts too short?



When men ask if you want to dance on their 'pole'...


When your instructor demonstrates a new trick...


When you lose that trick overnight


After hours of training


 Spying on the booty in class like...


When the whole class supports you...


When you miss class for a week...


Getting unreasonably annoyed by that one super flexible person in class


When you finally nail that routine!


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  • Sandy : August 17, 2017

    These are freaking hilarious !!! ? I can relate to " when you lose that trick over night " and when the whole class supports you". ?

  • Soozie: August 12, 2017

    Hey guys of course she has nothing in common with the pole community but that’s what makes it such a good piss take.
    ps I’ve never seen a single episode of The Kardashians but I’ll take your word for it that she is no role model.

  • Vanity: August 11, 2017

    Must we with that pig? She’s a total pig. Making us polers look bad. Not only is she fake and a pig, but she’s dumber than dirt.

  • Elyshia: August 10, 2017

    All of theses
    But my first ever phoneix resulted in the last one. As well as my friend who did the exact same thing.
    Or the first time I ariel straddled
    Or ariel brace monkey
    Yeah I’d definitely say the last one.

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