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Non-Pole Videos EVERY Pole Dancer can be Inspired by

Posted on October 17 2017

Whether your injured and are having pole withdrawals, need to liven up your training, or just need some pole dance inspiration to diversify your routine, these videos can inspire you to get back to being the most amazing pole dancer you can be!


Check out the extraordinary Kate Foster, who overcame one of the toughest challenges: loosing her leg and potentially sacrificing her passion for gymnastics. Be empowered by her story and most importantly be inspired- knowing that you can overcome anything!



The amazingly bendy Laruga Glaser is a professional yoga instructor from Sweden. Yoga can be incredibly useful for us Pole Dancers, allowing us to focus solely on stretching to help us achieve many more positions! Moreover, for those of you who have just recovered from an injury, Yoga can be an amazing way to ease yourself back into the pole dancing world without the tough training!

* this should not be tried without the presence of a professional!

Drag Perfomances

If you are feeling like your performances are missing that sass then look no further than Drag Performances. Behind the glitter and eyelashes lies a sassy, flamboyant routine packed with energy and entertainment: all the things we wish we had in our performance when we are feeling something is missing right?


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