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Pussy Power Hour with Sarah Scott

Posted on January 21 2018

The inspiration of this week, and feature of this episode of Pussy Power Hour is Sarah Scott! Miss Pole Dance UK 2012 title holder, Master Teacher, and Owner of Off The Pole - home work outs specifically built to help with pole!

What was your first experience of pole Dancing?

My friend asked me to go with her to try it as she’d seen some amazing dancers in a club. We went to a local gym where the poles were really dodgy and would fall down randomly. I was still hooked!

What did you think you’d grow up to be when you were a little kid?

Something to do with animals I think! I didn’t want to have a ‘regular’ job but could never have imagined the job I have now.

Tell us a bit about what inspired you to begin your off the pole workouts, and what work has gone in to building the programs offered?

From travelling round and speaking to students and instructors - I wanted pole dancers to have a place to go where they can find pole-specific advice and information that will increase their performance on the pole, reduce their risk of injury and ultimately keep them on the pole longer. This goes for pole dancers who teach/train a lot and need to balance it out, and pole dancers who want to train/compete more but don’t always have access to a pole to see improvements.

We also tend to look more into looking after ourselves once we’ve experienced an injury and I want to try and help catch issues before they become ‘issues’

What performance throughout your career are you most proud of?

Not so much a performance – but the fact I still get to travel and teach! Makes me extremely grateful and humbled when people come to take a class with me.

If you could marry one pole celebrity who would it be? And who would be the maid of honour?

So hard! So many pole crushes….Can I just create a commune where we all live together?

Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?

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You can make one law that everyone in the world must abide by… what is it?

Politicians to be held accountable for their decisions

Plus #SundayBumday as a recognized holiday

Credit: SJM Photography


If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?

I’ve done a shoot as Wonder Woman…but in reality I’m probably more like the dog from the movie ‘UP’ when I see something shiny…

If you could be highly skilled in any art, what would it be (not fitness related!)?

The art of language! I would love to be able to speak fluently in multiple languages. I’ve tried and failed many times to learn!

What non-pole related achievement are you proud of?

Rescuing our dog Rio (big brown soppy thing featured in a lot of my videos) He had a terrible start in life and we ended up taking him on very unexpectedly. Even though it has meant a lot of work and changes for us in how we live our lives, he is so rewarding and we couldn’t be without him. It breaks my heart thinking how he could have ended up and how many other dogs need homes.

If you had your own autobiography what would it be called?

Teaching unicorns for a living – plus bonus avocado recipes.

There are many aspects of being a feminist, from equality in pay and opportunities, to raising awareness of cases such as the Brock Turner case. As a powerful body, what could the pole dance community do to fight for these rights, and is it too insular to the pole community (could more be done to initiate change in the muggle, non-pole world with Polers at the forefront)?

I feel like with social media there is such a huge opportunity for more voices to be heard and the pole community KNOWS how to do social media! We’re on a great path already and with hashtags, monthly challenges, Facebook groups, viral videos, interviews and documentaries – there’s honestly nothing we can’t do. I think as long as we don’t see our selves as insular – more like we are the ones that should be the norm, then the muggles will follow suit. Some people are not open to change – but usually they are the ones that need to work hard on themselves, not us to convince them otherwise. The world is changing and they will simply get left behind to their own detriment!

Remember to share if you love Sarah Scott, and comment who you'd like to see interviewed in our Pussy Power Hour, a Women Crush Wednesday inspired interview. From the guys at Creatures of XIX, we implore you to do a workshop with Sarah if you ever get the chance, a fun and feel-good teacher with so much knowledge!


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