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We ask Pole Dancers that inspire us: Who outside of the pole world Inspires you?

Posted on February 01 2018

We ask 7 Pole Idols: What Non-Pole Female Inspires you?

To celebrate our Valentines month Sexy For Yourself campaign, we revisit our Pussy Power Blogs and ask our Pole idols what women inspire them! Remember to get in on our #XIXSexyForYourself in a photo or video where you feel fearless throughout Feb and be in with a chance of winning a £50 gift card with us! Head to our facebook page for more details! 


Terri Fierce

pole dancer Terri Fierce

Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?

There’s life outside the Pole World?! Haha, sorry, the answer is my Mom! She is always fun-loving and bubbly with a heart of gold. She taught me to find joy in life, and to always get up and dance.


Stacey Snedden

Pole Dancer Stacey Sneddon

Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?

See this is hard as most people I know are in the pole world.

My sister Kelly is probably my biggest inspiration, she doesn’t pole but listens to all my daily crap and gives me a lot of good advice, she is my only member of family other than my hubby so is an incredible support. She has always stuck by me through everything so it would definitely be her.

I know you said non-pole but we really don’t talk pole when were together, one of my biggest is my closest friend Sarah Scott. I don’t know what life would be like without her, Sarah is my calm and inspires me to carry on when I’m feeling low or tired and well a little poled out. We’ve had so many crazy adventures together and she just amazes me how well she has done and yet is still the same Sarah I knew 7 years ago…


Chilli Rox

Pole Dancer Chilli Rox

Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?
When I was growing up it was Madonna .Singer , dancer , musician, actress Desperately Seeking Susan , Who's That Girl they are must see movies. I never knew what she was going to do next - she set fashion trends, dance trends, hair trends and she was outspoken, courageous, and controversial . Now that I'm older I'm more inspired by the people around me. Andrea Ryff inspires me oops she's a poler sorry!

Millie Robson

Pole Dancer Millie Robson


Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?

As a female inspo, Madonna is wicked! What a woman... Dominant! Yeh she's got that in the bag :)


Yvonne Smink

Pole Dancer Yvonne Smink

Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?

Sevdaliza. She is an Iranian-Dutch musician based in my country, with a truly unique style. She is not afraid to show the pureness of her artistry, instead of the polished end product. That truly inspires me.

How many people these days dare to show imperfectness?

I love this woman.


Lisa Dee 

Pole Dancer Lisa Dee 

Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why?

I have a couple of close friends I’ve known for 15+ years who I am so proud of and who inspire me. One is an artist with so much talent and she thinks like no one else I know, and one moved overseas to pursue a difficult career and she’s seeing her hard work come to fruition. They are women of their own minds and they never miss a beat. They both inspire me to always try, to always think, to be able to laugh at my failures and keep moving forwards, and to not give in to apathy. I really miss living closer to both of them.


Carmine Black

Pole Dancer Carmine Black

 Q. Outside the pole world, what female inspires you and why? 

Personally… (sorry, she is a pole person, but I also know her somewhat outside of the pole community), Natasha Wang. She is a truly remarkable person. She is humble, wise and epitomizes grace. I hope one day to be as awesome as her, both personally and professionally. 


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