You've Never Seen Anything Like This Before. The Fresh Take On A Warped Reality! Ultimate Versatility - Swim, Pole & Intimates Approved with Lingerie-esque strapwork and unique Custom Created Print.


Our sensual, yet bold lingerie-esque collection with sexy staples for your wardrobe. With mesh details to elevate the look. All pieces can be worn as pole wear, dancewear, swimwear, for aerial class, streetwear and lingerie.


Over the past year we have created a Limited Edition Collection with Haley Messick! A unique colour palette, created for having fun with your movement.


Bold prints to take your animal print obsession next level! This collection is mix and match, featuring glossy creatures script on the strapwork, as well as bringing an edge with the buckles.

Collection includes our bestselling buckle up bottoms and buckle up garter top, and all pieces are suitable for pole, swim and dance.


A baddie is someone who always slays the game, whether in a tiny bralette or oversized joggers. Often an outcast, a baddie knows they look good because confidence is everything and they are comfortable in who they are following dreams in their own way and on their own terms. Versatile and sexy, The Baddies Collection includes loungewear, polewear, swim, choreography and dancewear as well as aerialist jumpsuits that are durable and n-trend with statement flames and contoured lines. This collection brings together understated looks with iconic looks, find your fave pieces, mix them together, and be fearlessly you.


Inspired by the Human Form, the Collection features a metallic palette for an aesthetic designed to illuminate the silhouette. Constructed for movement, the garment's aesthetic is soft and fabrics silky, however the garment still provides good support and coverage. Taking notes from the renaissance period, Psalm19 is divine minimalism encapsulated. The designer was inspired by the catholic upbringing, and named the pieces accordingly (sinner set, saintly set) due to the difficult interpretations as a young, outspoken and rebellious girl.


In the new era of SWD, we have designed new pieces that move like no other, so you can express yourself in even more fierce and edgy fits.

Incorporating high-performance wear silhouettes, add a unique sophistication for your wardrobe with pieces you can take from the studio, through the streets, and to the beach.


Gecko Grip™ is the innovative fabric developed in 2015 after years of research and development to provide activewear that is Breathable so you can work out comfortably, Flexible for a full range of movement, and provides Grip.

It is tested and loved by world pole dance champions, and has brought pole dance grip to thousands of you! Not only does it grip, but it catches the light to create a glistening effect, visually enhancing movement for artists, dancers and lovers of all things sparkly!


Goddess is our lingerie-esque pole wear collection, featuring bestselling I S I S Sets, inspired by the Egyptian goddess. Newer additions to the collection includes the faux suede and satin sets with gold hardware detailing, a unique combination of textures for a raw matte, smooth silky (or mix of the both) elevated finish.

All pieces can be worn as pole, swim or lingerie. Everything in this collection is inspired by bold femininity, two aesthetics usually considered hugely different.


Athlux, Athswim and AthPole, 101 is inspired by the east coast and named after places that route 101 goes through.

The collection is characterised by using only soft and stretchy ribbed fabrics.