Welcome to Creatures of XIX

Hi Creatures of XIX- Welcome to the Wild Side.
We created Gecko Grip Leggings, which stick to the pole and are breathable and flexible! They're restocked very rarely, if you want some your best bet is signing up to our mailing list (mailing list creatures get VIP 24 hour access to our site in times of restocks!).
We are very proud of our Premium Quarterly Subscription Box: The FoxBox. Delivered to your door 4X a year, FoxBox comes bursting with Innovative, new and sometimes Limited Edition Apparel, tech and goodies to help elevate your pole training to the next level. Feel fierce every season, and #BeAVixen by subscribing to The FoxBox now!

XIX Originals brings you lines from Creatures of XIX of the fun and sportesque persuasion. Our 2018 introductory line includes a blast of color with Color Pop Tie-Dye, & the cool and collected Black VS Frosted Marble sets. From Pole to Gym to Swim, XIX Originals has you covered.
Feeling a little more sensual? XIX Goddesses Collection is feminine and sensual with a hint of provocation. Wear to the beach, to the dance studio or as lingerie - certainly not advised for grocery shopping in your activewear!