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The Gecko of XIX

coco b ware

Becoming the Gecko felt like fate, in speaking to Coco about being our first Creature, Coco immediately stated how she loved Geckos - low and behold our next launch was to be Gecko XIX Leggings - check our Coco in the launch video!

Her biggest joy is seeing shy girls turn into wild girls through teaching the art of sexy pole dance.

Coco has won several titles in the past couple of years, including; Miss Pole Dance NSW 2017, Pole Theatre Sydney Professional Pole Comedy Champion 2016 (with Chilli Rox), Miss Pole Dance NSW 2016 and Semi Pro Doubles Champion 2016 (with Djani Davidson). Aside from teaching and competing, Coco performs regularly as a showgirl and has toured nationally with 'The Empire Strips Back' by Russall Beattie. She is completely grateful for the adventures life has thrown at her!

Coco's love affair with dancing around a pole has turned her life upside down... and she prefers it that way! Coco is the owner and head instructor of Love Pole, a quaint little pole studio in the south western suburbs of Sydney.


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