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The Lioness of XIX

Melissa Leo Creature of XIX

I think everyone has an animalistic primal side to them. For me pole dance allows me to explore that side of myself in a safe environment, free from judgement, surrounded by likeminded women. I strongly relate to the lioness. The lioness is a hunter, a protector, she is fierce and loyal; but most importantly she is free. 

When I was young I used to sit at home and watch the R'n'B and HipHop music channels. I remember being mesmerised by the beautiful women pole dancing in the videos. They were amazing - the tricks, the strength and the sensuality, I knew I wanted to try it. When I started University in 2010 it was the first society I joined. There were 16 of us training above a pub. The floor was sticky, the lights were dim, and the best trick we could do was a shouldermount. I loved it. The girls, the support, the community and the body confidence. Since starting in University I have always wanted to be able to give back to the pole community. Through our business I want to help women become body confident, feel sexy and be unapologetic about it; as that is what pole has given me.


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