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The Panther of XIX

Lauren Elise Creatures of XIX

Lauren is our Panther. In movement and manner our Panther is quiet and patient. Fluid in the shadows, she is thoughtful and majestic in her movement. But don’t be fooled. The Panther is fierce, the Panther is dangerous.

Lauren Elise is a pole performer and instructor from London. She has been poling for around 5 years with no prior background in dance or fitness, but she loves the way pole has transformed her life, and her as a person.

Lauren's style is exotic - Rolling about 9 inches of monstrous heel. She loves the exploration of movement, and the 'Dancey' side of Pole Dance.

Lauren is the 2016 Winner of Dance Filthy UK, & won the Professional and Classique categories at LucyPole Cup. Her first ever competition was the Authentic Pole Dance Competition, which was the reason she bought her first pair of heels!

We are glad to have this fierce and slinky feline creature on our team, make sure to check her out and follow her.


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