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The Python of XIX

London Creatures of XIX

1: Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you're from, and where you teach?

My names London and I’m from Perth, Australia 🇦🇺 I teach at the beautiful Bobbi’s Pole Studio Perth.

2: How long have you pole danced for and how did you start?

I think about 8 years ago - I had planned to start with a friend but it never happened so I decided just to go by myself - best decision ever 🙌🏼

3: What's your fave thing about pole?

Sooo many things, it’s hard to pick just one! The community and friendships I’ve made, the creative outlet and challenge it provides, it’s made me appreciate my body and what it can do 💪🏼

4: Whats your fave thing about teaching pole?

My students! Helping them achieve their pole goals and showing them how much awesome shit they can do is the best feeling ever 🥰 Also seeing my exotic and sexy floorwork nailing their routines and being so in sync 😍

5: Whats your favourite pole dancing move?

So hard to choose one 😩 Allegra is my favourite go-to move though! It’s such a gorgeous shape (plus it took me foreverrrr to learn because it hurt so much haha!)

6: What's your nemesis pole move (or was!)

Deadlifts (one day 🤞🏼)

7: What do you do when you're not Pole Dancing!?

Eat food haha!

8: Fave personal competition piece of yours

MPD WA 2017 - I fell in love with this song and decided to create my costume to look like “skin” that I was unzipping and peeling off and underneath was bones). I ended up placing 2nd and received a invite to the Miss Pole Dance Australia finals in Sydney which blew my mind! Competing on the Enmore stage was massive for me and I was so happy to have the chance to do that 🥰

9: Tell us why the Python

I choose Python because they are slinky and they like to lay in the sun to keep warm (definitely me 🤣)

10: You do many shows and competitions with your doubles partner Ruby, what's your personal fave doubles routine?

Baby’s on fire - I loved everything about it - our costumes, song choice, chorey and it was just fire 🤣🔥

11: In the world, what place is your favourite to visit?

So hard to pick just one, I love traveling and seeing the world! I’d have to say anywhere sunny, with beautiful beaches and a pole studio 😂

12: Who's your biggest inspiration in the pole world?

Changes all the time! My first pole idol was Aletha Austin which I think is why I love floorwork and flow so much ❤️ My current favourite is Vera Kim - slinky goals 😍

13: This is a tricky one, but name one of your Fave artists to dance to, and which song?!

Currently loving Angel by Massive Attack.

14: What's your favourite creatures of XIX set!?

The ISIS! So unique 🙌🏼

15: Tell us something we wouldn't know about you!

I actually have zero dance background! A lot of people tend to think I’ve done ballet or dance before (I wish 😍😂)

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