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The Unicorn of XIX

Lucy Cropper Pole

The Unicorn: A legendary and wild creature, breathtaking and beautiful, it's horn blessed with healing powers. This fabled symbol of purity is said to bring eternal happiness to anyone who touches it, but don't be fooled into mistaking it's grace for weakness, the Unicorn is far from defenceless...

With 10 years experience in the industry, Lucy is known for her encouraging and all-inclusive approach to teaching. LucyPole was founded in February 2012, becoming a safe and welcoming haven for all, ensuring each and every student is reassured that pole is for EVERY body.

Alongside the variety of weekly classes offered at LucyPole including Twerkdrillz, Lucy also teaches workshops all over the UK, is one of only FIVE qualified UK Twerk Technicians, and hosts the annual LucyPole Cup pole competition.

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