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The Wolf of XIX

Harriet Wolf

Everyone has their wild side, and Pole  is a way to unleash something raw and soulful. The wolf is enigmatic, she is strong, and independent yet works and supports her fellow pack members. The Pole community, like the pack, is persecuted by the outside world. Yet, it remains fiercely supportive with relentless strength.

Pole is a real escape for many who need to find healing from some hard times, and it was for me. The first pole dance studio that I attended was a safe place to express and create, and belong to a sisterhood while dancing around to Mötley Crüe. I spent hours, watching pole dancing videos on YouTube. There was something mesmerising about those powerful, sensual women and their fluid movement on such a raw and solid apparatus. The Opening shows to Miss Pole Dance Australia still gives me goosebumps. I would literally make anyone who showed a slight interest in Pole Dance watch Felix and Alethea's videos from the nought'ies. Pole has given to me the opportunity to meet my idols, love and be loved by friends all over the world, and open my mind exponentially. 


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