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The Wolf of XIX

Harriet Wolf

Harriet Wolf is a "Pole Dancer, Wild Child and Entrepreneur" (Australian Pole Dancers Magazine), and is the 25 year old Fashion Designer behind Creatures of XIX. At 19, Harriet began creating prototypes for Gecko Grip, a pair of work out leggings that would also embody a level of grip - something beneficial especially for pole dancing. 

Wolf loves designing functional yet stand out pieces for both swim and pole, and aims to create unique collections that keep bringing something new to the table. Designs are chic and functional, but always with an edge, a risqué twist woven in in various ways. 

Never one to follow the crowd, Harriet left her corporate life in Marketing and Events for Warner Bros. in pursuit of creating a brand that brings the rebels of the world together to feel good, feel confident and feel fearless... and the pieces she designs will do just that.

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