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Eco-Classix Brazilian Bottoms - Black



E C O - C L A S S I X.
A not so basic, basics range.

Y O U R.   N E W.   G O - T O.
Timeless, simple and chic this collection features two top styles and 5 bottom styles (7 if you include the front garter options!). This is the classic Brazilian banded style, and due to the position of the waistband if in doubt size up! We also have the mid-leg garter for Brazilian Banded Bottoms in the collection if you want something a little more spesh.

L I M I T E D. E D I T I O N.  
Black will be coming back, and if you want to mix and match these with our Earthy tones Cairo and Sahara then make sure to get those fast as they are Limited Editions baby!

F A B R I C.
Eco-Classix are made from high end recycled fabrics, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets. With a style suited for everyone, Eco-Classix are good for the soul and the sea!  The fabric is soft and elegant, breathable and provides a comfortable level of muscular compression and support.