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Creature Choreography Camp 1 - Day Pass



TEACHERS: Adam Lin, Coco Aka Rachel Yahtzee, Lauren Elise

Location & Dates:
June 2019 at Pole Gym in Goostrey, England (CW48HE)

Our first ever Pole Dance Camp will have a focus on choreography (from floor to pole), and will be held in the Beautiful English Countryside of Cheshire.

You'll gain a new arsenal of sexy choreography, base/floorwork and tricks. You'll develop your fluidity and explore your musicality.


The beautiful spacious studio we will be using has plenty of room for everyone.
  • 4 metre competition grade X-Poles (WOOHOO!)
  • There will be no more than two to a pole!
Whats included 💕
The three workshops for the day you have booked!
JUNE Friday 21st - Arrive at 10.30am, leave 3.30pm
Workshop 1: Adam Lin Choreo: 10.45-12
Workshop 2: Lauren Basework Tricks: 1-2
Workshop 3: Coco Choreo: 2-3.15

JUNE Saturday 22nd - Arrive at 2.15pm, leave at 6pm
Workshop 1: Lauren Elise Choreo: 2.30-3.45
Workshop 2: Coco Stretch: 3.45-4.45
Workshop 3: Adam Lin Choreo: 4.45-5.45

JUNE Sunday 23rd - Arrive at 10.30am, leave 3.30pm
Workshop 1: Coco Choreo: 10.45-12
Workshop 2: Adam Lin Tricks: 1-2
Workshop 3: Lauren Elise Choreo: 2-3.15

Each day will have 2 classes of pole/base/floor choreography, one class stretch or tricks (3.5hours training).

Please bring your own lunch and refreshments.

Pre-requisites: Must be strong in climbing the pole, have a good invert, and be able to leg hang with both inside and outside leg. 

Please see the terms and conditions of Creature Camp here.