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Floor Flow - Slide, Thread and Slink!

Have you always wanted to dance with Jordan Kensley, but haven't had the chance? Well now you can learn two separate combinations, at your own speed, and in the comfort of your home! In this tutorial you will learn to slide, thread, roll and slink your way around the room, and now you'll have the ability to stop and start on your time! Purchase for £10 and get two separate movement combinations that are designed to connect- to create one long floor combination that will be sure to impress! 

About Jordan Kenslay

Jordan Kensley is an internationally recognised touring pole dancer and instructor. Jordan is also a certified Structural Integrationist. She uses her bio-mechanical knowledge gained from Structural Integration to better inform her students of how their body works in their own movement. Jordan Kensley continues to learn about the body & movement and has become a powerful presence in the pole world by competing, performing, judging and teaching all over the world. She strives to embody the athlete, the artist, and the goddess in every dance. Jordan’s goal as an instructor is to help her students realise those same qualities in themselves. She has met so many inspiring people within this community and is looking forward to meeting many more in the years to come.

Check out @jordankensley on instagram!


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