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Terms and Conditions of Gecko XIX™ Usage

Gecko XIX™ Leggings provide an element of grip, which can be Gecko XIX™ material has been designed for Pole Dance, amongst other activities that require a breathable, flexible material that also provides grip. Consumers using Gecko XIX™ do so at their own risk and are personally responsible for any safety precautions that should be in place. For pole dancing, use safety mats and use ‘spotters’ (a trained professional pole dance instructor to physically support you) to ensure moves are executed safely. Collection XIX LLP (T/A Creatures of XIX®) take no responsibility for any misuse of Gecko XIX™ resulting in injury.

  • Do use Gecko XIX™ in your warm up, conditioning and stretching. They also make great non-slip yoga leggings (no non slip mat required!). 
  • Do use Gecko XIX™ for pole dance moves you are very confident in executing, know your grip points.
  • Do be cautious in positioning yourself every time you enter a pole dance move to ensure you have enough Gecko XIX™ (if depending on Gecko XIX™ solely) before letting go with your other grip points such as your hands. 
  • Do check your Gecko XIX™ for wear and tear before each use. If the grip has worn it is time for a new pair. 
  • Do be careful when linking pole dance moves, high abrasion activity and rubbing results in grip peel.
  • Do be careful how you position yourself in pole dance moves, if sliding into positions or creating a high friction movement it will increase the rate of wear and tear. 
  • Don’t use Gecko XIX™ for drops.
  • Don’t use Gecko XIX™ for moves you have never tried, even if a spotter is present. 
  • Don’t use Gecko XIX™ if the grip is starting to wear off. 
  • Don’t use the Gecko XIX™ leggings if they are wet or if the aerial apparatus is wet. 
  • Don’t use Gecko XIX™ on poles that are not chrome, steel or brass. 

Important note: Pole dance is a high abrasion activity on a dancer's skin. Over time the grip, due to natural wear and tear, will peel off in high use areas. If you have followed the rules of use and the grip peels off after just a couple of uses please let us know at